It’s a special feeling, walking into your home after a busy day, when the aromas of the main part of the evening meal come to greet you! It is such a good feeling knowing the hardest part of your home cooked meal is cooked perfectly and is just ready and waiting to be served.

A good marriage is like a casserole,

only those responsible for it

really know what goes in it.

Many busy homes have discovered the joys and benefits of slow cookers and crock pots:

  • Ready to eat when the family gets home
  • Saving money as well as time
  • Healthy as well as tasty meals
  • Really easy to use

All that is required is a little preparation in the morning so that it can cook during the day, and you can enjoy the feast at the other end of the day as well as the time saved. You can even prepare some recipes in the lift out liner in the evening, cover and store in the fridge overnight, and then just take it out in the morning and set it in the cooker as you run out the door. Save time and washing up during the week by using really easy crock pot recipes – but still make a great meal!

Having a slow cooker or crock pot and a few simple recipes can take the stress out of preparing the evening meal as well as help you get more out of your grocery budget. You will find many recipes that make flavorsome hearty beef casseroles go further by simply adding things like dried beans (previously cooked) and lentils. And make richly flavored meat dishes using cheaper cuts of meat that come out incredibly tender and tasty.

Most meat dishes will happily cook all day, but if you are looking to cook vegetables as well as cakes, desserts, soups, breads and more, regularly and unattended, you should consider buying a programmable slow cooker, which will let you co-ordinate your cooking time with your meal time.

Slow cookers are available in a variety of sizes. For larger households, having a second crock pot of a similar or smaller size, and cooking the main part of the meal in one and the vegetables or accompaniments in the other, is a great time saver.

Slow cookers and crock pots really come into their own for helping you in the kitchen when you are entertaining or heading out to a pot luck dinner. When you are entertaining at home, the last thing you want to be doing is slaving away in the kitchen, still cooking after your guests have arrived!

We hope you enjoy discovering the fantastic uses for this indispensable kitchen appliance. You will be surprised and inspired by the huge number of everyday, hearty family dishes, as well as special occasion style fare and holiday recipes that can all be prepared and served from slow cookers and crock pots.  Every cook should have a slow cooker or crock pot.